Pizza Fiord'Agerola

Il fiordilatte e la pizza
A tradition that renews

Pizza is the Neapolitan and “Campano” product par excellence, it is known and celebrated worldwide, today, with the use of the most differ ingredients- Among these, the “Fiordilatte” of Fior d’Agerola matches perfectly with the Neapolitan Pizza. It’s, thanks to the particular  processing  releases, during the cooking, less whey, avoiding the pizza to damp too much during the cooking. In order to be distributed and used in the restoration circuit, the “Fiordilatte” of Fior d’Agerola is prepared in pats ready to be cut into strips before used by the Master Pizzaiolo. The use of “Fiordilatte” of Fior d’Agerola makes of the pizza a Mediterranean Specialty, unique in terms of flavor, much more inviting and tasty, giving origin to an exultation of tastes and scents which tells an old story but still present.



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